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I had my grandsons last night.  I always love it when they are around because of the constant laughter of little Eli (now 17months).

He seems to find fun in almost everything, including just spinning around in circles.

Most of us will do our best to gather around our families tomorrow for a special holiday we call “Thanksgiving.”

When you hear the laughter of younger children, or see the smile of that aged mom or dad, remember that you will be on this planet just a very short time.  I’m encouraging myself, and also you, to take more than a few moments over the next few days and consider how really blessed you are.

As lawyers we are both pushed to produce, produce produce.  Seldom are we given the time for personal reflection.

No doubt the law business has taken a pretty good hit over the last two years.  Billings are down, collections are even lower.  Some of the clients that have allowed us to serve them for years have shut their doors.  Lives changed forever.

Did you ever think you’d see a day like this?  Frankly, I didn’t.

But guess what:  I’m appreciating some simple things these days.  Although I’m still working really hard, when I’m off with my wife or with my two grandsons, I’m enjoying this time even more.  Sometimes it’s just too easy to get distracted with “stuff.”

So what are you thankful for today?  I’d love for you to leave a comment and perhaps encourage others by your thoughts.

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

  • My wife of 37 years.  She says yes to me every August.  I love her more today that I ever had.  When I see her engaging with our grandsons it reminds me what a great and special mother she has always been.
  • I’ve got a good business designed around the practice of law.  It’s good in the sense that I’m still able to provide jobs to several folks.  I’m still able to help clients who are often desperate for a helping hand.
  • When I go home at night, I don’t have to sit out in the rain.  Even better, I’ve got a very pleasant home (well, me and the bank).
  • I am being given the opportunity to add value daily to the lives of others in a number of ways.  As I get a little older, I’m appreciating more and more what it means to lend a helping hand without expectation of anything in return.
  • I’m being given an opportunity to participate in ministry, engage with really special men and women, and make true impact.
  • I am still being allowed to teach the Bible to an amazing group of “young marrieds” who one day will be “old marrieds.”

What about you?

Leave a comment below.  It will encourage others to reflect.

Enjoy the holiday.  Hug somebody you love.

Dan Scott

Photo by Beleph:  Flickr

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