Veterans, Thank You! You Protect our Right to be Free

As I awoke this morning, the talking heads wanted to focus on the Ft. Hood shooting. Of course that is certainly newsworthy BUT, today is a day to pause and focus for just a little while on being thankful for those that have given so much to allow me and you the liberty to make choices in our lives.

On Sunday, I went to the church of my choice. I did not worry about being taken out of there. I didn’t worry if the government was monitoring what was being said there.

Today, I will have the opportunity to help my clients build more successful businesses. I can do that because I choose to. The fact that I could make that choice and that it was not forced upon me is not lost on me.

If you’ve got just three minutes watch the video below. It is a tribute to our veterans.

Thank you again, to every soldier. Thanks for giving me and my family a chance at liberty.

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