Lawyer SEO

Interested in Lawyer SEO?

Wanting your firm website ranked highly in Google search?

If you answered these two questions in any way other than “certainly” you should rethink.First Page on Google

In today’s environment, if you don’t get your site ranked for natural (organic) search for the words your prospective clients are searching for you are essentially invisible (from an internet perspective).

Most all prospective clients begin their search for a lawyer by searching google.  Many of them search on their cell phone.

One of the six systems that every lawyer must have in order to be successful is a system to generate leads.  You should take a listen to the audio transcript available for free on the sidebar where I discuss the other systems as well.

But, I digress.  .  .

Ranking your website isn’t “junk science.”

Ranking sites is not easy, but just requires a consistent application of principles Google just loves.  I know how to do that.

When I help lawyers get their sites, we do three very specific things:

First, we figure out where you are now.

 If a client or a referral source searches Google for your name what do they find.  You can decide what they find, but you’ve got to be proactive.    How many pages do you have up that are optimized for your name.  Are those pages optimized, indexed, linked to?

Second, we decide what searches you want to rank for.

 This is key.  What specific ideal client do you want to attract in Google.  It’s no good just to say I want everyone to want me.  That has proven over and over again to be ineffective.  We work with you to help you identify that ideal client (or 2 or 3).  Then we determine what types of searches those persons will be putting into the Google search bar.

Finally, we will develop and implement a strategy to get Google to return very specific pages for the clients you want.

 Again, this isn’t “voodoo” (whatever that is), it’s just understanding what Google wants and how to insure you have what Google wants on the pages we are ranking for you.

Pretty simple, really.

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