Is it Really Important for Me to Plan Out 2010???

It’s January so we have the obligatory first of the year articles/blogs/videos.

I actually had mine all ready to publish, then thought, “Can I really contribute to the discussion or am I just publishing this as expected?”

As I reflected on this question (and why it was even coming into my mind), I was impressed by the title of this post, “Is it Really Important for Me to Plan Out 2010???

So here goes:

I started 2009 with the belief that I would not be impacted by the US economic decline. I had spent a huge amount of time in 2008 in investments and business growth on business other than my law business and my lawyer coaching business. My focus had been outside my core businesses. Being candid with you, I’m not sure I even made many plans for these two core businesses.

So what did I get?

I got what just “floated” into my space. That is not what I wanted! BUT, that’s what I got. How bout you?

The reason I’m being so transparent here is I want you to think about 2010 perhaps differently that you did 2010. Perhaps you will be inspired to ask yourself the questions I’ve asked myself. Here they are:

1. Who are the 10 people I want to become closer to in 2010?

2. What can I do in the next 45 days to enhance the lives of 4 of the folks in my top 10?

3. What can I do to better and further serve the clients and customers that I already have?

4. Where do I want to spend my non-business fun time and when specifically will I do it?

5. What can I do to insure that my wife has a spectacular experience being my husband this year? How can I relieve the stresses in her live? How can I give her joy in the least expected ways?

6. What can I do to restructure my financial life to minimize the uncertainties in growing my businesses?

7. If I can only do one thing to enrich my spiritual life in 2010 what is it? Why not start today?

Whew! There’s my list of Seven. I’ve already spent significant time on mine.

I don’t intend to look up this coming December and wonder “where’d the year go!

Answer these questions for yourself.

I guarantee you it’ll make your 2010 a Year to Remember!!!!

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