Can We Break Down the Barriers to Virtual Law Practice

Darryl Mountain, who is a member of the eLawyering task force of the American Bar Association, wrote a thoughtful article about the barriers that exist in opening and operating a virtual law practice.

As the world moves more and more “online” it’s thought that access to legal services needs to be made available without significant geographical restrictions.  Having practiced law since 1983, I’m aware that there are many in the profession that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and requiring lawyers to have a “brick and mortar” location.  This is the rule in New Jersey as well as some other states.

Darryl’s article should cause a person to think about why we have some of the rules we have.  Are we protecting the consumer or are we protecting the practice/profession.

If you’ve ever thought about moving your life to a “location independent” basis, then you’ll want to be sure to consider a Virtual Law Practice as an option.

In the title I ask, “Can We Break Down the Barriers to Virtual Law Practice?’  Perhaps we might be asking, “Do we want to?”

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