Are You on Track to Accomplish Your Goals?

Lawyers Need Goals Too

In a few days we’ll close the books on July. I encouraged you to take some time at the end of June to evaluate the first six months of your year.  I suggested that you ponder these three questions:

  • How effective have my marketing efforts been?
  • Am I managing my receivables with an urgent perspective?
  • Is my client service first rate or just average?

And finally,

  • What do I need to do beginning July 1 and continuing throughout the year to accomplish my goals for 2010?

Did you take the time out of the business of your day a few weeks ago and ask yourself these questions?

If not, take some time TODAY and just do it.

It’s way too easy to get caught up in working in your law business and spend any time working on your law business. Be assured that December 31st is coming like a roaring lion.

Very soon we’ll be in the holidays and many will be asking themselves, “Where did the year go?” I don’t want that to be you.

  • Be strategic.
  • Be purposeful.
  • Be successful.

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