5 Reasons Lawyers Should Never Ask Their Clients For Referrals

We all know that there are at least 5 Reasons Lawyers Should  Never Ask Their Clients For Referrals

Reason #1:  You have a close (and I mean close) personal relationship with the Yellow Pages sales rep.  “Honest, this advertisement will really convert.”

Reason #2:  You don’t want to act like you really need more business.  It makes you look less than successful.

Reason #3:  You don’t want to abuse the trust you have built up with your clients.

Reason #4:  You don’t want to take a chance of doing a less than satisfactory job with the referral client and then damage the relationship with the referring client.

Reason #5:  You’ve already got more work than you can do.  Referral marketing just takes too much effort.

Surely you know that these reasons are given “tongue-in-check” and not for real.

However, when you were reading them, did something inside say, “I’ve had that thought before?”

Even when times were good (got a long memory?) we all know that in order to build a real business and not just a job, we’ve got to develop relationships that will last beyond one transaction or one lawsuit.  Unfortunately, many have let the rush of the day, and the steady stream of cash (that was) get in the way of building a real system for getting more and better quality referrals.

SO, on Tuesday evening, September 21st at 7:00 p.m. EST I’ll be holding a tuition-free teleseminar to look at 7 surefire strategies to get more and better quality referrals.  I’m paying your tuition, but you’ve go to register.

So go to this page now to get the information.

Talk with you then.


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