5 Qualities of Successful Lawyer Videos


John Arnold  posted a really good article on www.entrepreneur.com talking about the creation of successful online videos.  As a lawyer you are no longer able to avoid the fact that online video is a huge draw for clients both present and future.

John demonstrated a pretty useful technique in inserting an automatic playing video as the introduction.  It’s a little long for the introduction (1.40 minutes) but shows a variety of ways to use video, including inserting sponsored adds in the copy.  You’ll notice that he’s inserted the video in a small screen which makes the file smaller and causes the video to load faster.

He gives 5 Tips:

  • Quality Planning for every video. Since videos are not as easily edited as text you need to think about where you are going with your videos before you start.  You know, “begin with the end in mind.”
  • Quality Production can make or break your image (which I assume he means your brand).  Now he recommends either buying high end equipment or renting a video production studio.  For what most lawyers are going to use you’ll be a lot better off with (a)  good lighting, (b)  good audio (read that lapel microphone), and (c) interesting content.  Get the video up and get lots of video up.  Here’s a link to an example of what I’m doing in the bankruptcy arena.
  • Quality Distribution is tip #3.  It does no good to put the video up if it is not seen.  He’s got some good recommendations for video syndication.  Remember YouTube is the No. 2 search engine behind Google.  I recommend www.tubemogul.com and personally use www.trafficgeyser.com for syndication service.
  • Quality Interactivity (do you see a pattern here) is all about engaging the viewer.  Youtube now allows links right in the video.  John mentions allowing live chats which is a pretty interesting concept.  I’d love to hear from you on how that is working for you if you are doing it.
  • Quality Sharing addresses the concern that you need not try to create a “viral” video if your goal is to generate leads or immediate purchase.  Not sure about this one.  I think you’ll want everyone who might get a benefit from viewing your video to view it.  Are you thinking of creating your video so it can go on mobile devices?  You should be.

John has some pretty good tips and I recommend you take a look at the original article. As you are watching the introduction video, think about how you could use this on your website in places other than the welcome page.  Understand that the tips provided in the article are applicable across the board including for lawyer videos.

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